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Redneck Execution Demotape

by Moribund Scum

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A rotting contest this age and day hordes of filth stumbling towards decay livingroom-squatting praise the cliche no reason in sight to live another day the showers of hell keep hunting us down drink to exist wearing the dirty-mans crown reliving the 80's in the mind, suck in the stink patchwork-paranoid cadavres, hung over the wall of fate the showers of hell keep hunting us down, i'd rather stink than fuck we're on the roll, be prepared for the wind of stench
Every day inhaling the shit we're given no brain, no will to decline Dedicating every second of life to brainless consumption Every creature on earth a product of our perverted standard of living Every disgracefull step programmed nothing's random This insanity nauseates me Bordeless apathy covers our wretched lives Seeking for never arriving help from invisible saviors Killing each other driven by greed My indescribable despair has a face called mankind
The Prophecy 03:15
I see the dawning sun revailing this planet earth With all its man-made structures built from filth and dirt I see the grinning faces a laughter made of steel Piss running down the chins Souls traded for deviant greed Ridiculous hope Hope for what? Moribund scum The fate is sealed I see the inevitable ending A black fog of ruin No fucking prayer can stop The marching warriors of tomb I hear desperate squealing Not a sign of guilt Relentless years of murder Now choke on your own filth Ridiculous whimper You're at fault Smell the decease The fate is sealed
Numbness strikes covered in bottled apathy Silence aches like flesh cut to the bone Wrapped in sorrow scar tissue in my mind Morbid thoughts of brining myself to fall And i keep on falling into the void Lost the will to fight this wretched place One moment of hope A glance of better times All walls cave in Vision turns pitch black One last breath and off into the void
Fullfilling all expectations gasping for social acceptance Swallow and follow this narrow-minded force Fullfilling all expectations High-heels, low-fat, botox to get the job All priotities set on the outward appearance A restless tramp on the way to recognition The price been paid is nothing less than resignation Face the fucking the facts Another layer of paint is the least Yet the reflection glances back at you through a stangers eyes Those new pair of tits are worthless without a million dollar car Finding yourself caught in a cycle of compulsion? - Priceless
Sacred Hell 04:52
Present day in the place of burning pain the firelord lays himself to rest Sitting on his throne, overlooking his realm not knowing whats about to infest The holy child has arrived from up above making sure that no one's in sight Betraying his script of perversion Satan himself gets fucked from behind Sacred hell Trusted men step up to the altars concealing this ever took place Taking the bruden from the masses and pissing them right in the face Cursing all unholy souls and watching the believers die Babtising infants in puke as the priest rapes another child
Centuries ago spreading terror in a land that isnt yours Restraining those who's skin colour don't conform A pile of southern cowboy fucks White supremacy? Blood and soil? Racial mentality? To the gallows! Redneck execution Centuries later same old shit Ignorance is at its best A plague of wretched fucking primates Run, hide in a ditch you're going down


Our first Demotape.


released March 17, 2013

Thanx to Ebel for the Recordings!

For Booking, Merch etc.



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Moribund Scum Brunswick, Germany

Moribund Scum is:
Rosi - Guitar/Vocals
Monsing - Bass
Felix - Guitar
Cody - Drums
Floyd - Janitor
Sophie - Special Eff.
Former Members:
Pierro - Drums (2010-2013)
Jako (2013-2015)

If you any racist, sexist, antisemitic or homophobic tendencies, go fuck yourself! Thanks!
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