.​.​.​only death

by Moribund Scum

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Recorded and mixed by Hütte (sinistre@riseup.net)
Mastered by Role / Tonmeisterei Oldenburg
Coverartwork by Floyd
Artwork arranged by Wörn

Vinyl release in march 2020 via:

Angry Voice Records (GER)
Bomb-All Records (GER)
Deviance Records (FR)
Eskaramuza Distro (CHL)
Fallen Crow Records (GER)
Missing The Point Distro (UK)
Repulsive Medias (FR)
Svoboda Records (FR/CZ)
Up The Punx Records (PL)

Tape release in march 2020 via:

Lycanthropic Chants (GER)


released December 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Moribund Scum Brunswick, Germany

Moribund Scum is:
Rosi - Guitar/Vocals
Monsing - Bass
Felix - Guitar
Cody - Drums
Floyd - Janitor
Sophie - Special Eff.
Former Members:
Pierro - Drums (2010-2013)
Jako (2013-2015)

If you any racist, sexist, antisemitic or homophobic tendencies, go fuck yourself! Thanks!
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Track Name: Servility
They serve us, protect us
Role model figures, morally sane
Overall well-being
And so they say

Built to obey, cherish an trust
Sowing the seeds of corruption
A perfideous game, followed by most
The uniform is never to question

Power spoils the character
The machine feeds itself
Fatal obedience
Question everything

Professional arbitriarness
established in consent and mind
Sincerity is lost, betrayal is here
The corps, the pack – omnipresent
Track Name: Conservative Punks
Struggled to gain, risen from scratch
structures of filth and hope
Days turned to years, here comes the catch
stagnation - a slippery slope

Retrogressive, elitist
Conservative punks, full of shit

Out of service, the gates are closed
Zeroed values, outdated
Nothing comes, nothing goes
Accomplishments are overrated
Track Name: World Sick
Existence as we know it - abominable
The light ment to last - turning black
A ship bound to sink - no help in sight
The cure yet to find - social meltdown

Life left to rott - fatality
Ego-centered beings – hypocrisy
Track Name: Flat Earth Bollox
The shit is leaking out of you
What is it that fuels your fear?
The apparent end of all is soon
and your predictions are near
Good for you...

So we all are crippled sheep
not aware of strings attached
Evil clouds want us to sleep
As the lizard people attack

You scapegoat-seeking fuck
Track Name: ...Only Death
Wenn ich sterbe tanze ich mit der Zeit
Entledige mich des Schattens meiner Selbst
Ein befreiter Geist vom Leben befreit
erschafft eine neue Welt

No heaven or hell - no suffering
No so called sinn - no regrets
No false expectations - only death

Wir waren einst Sonnen, strahlend und klar
Kometen aus Feier und Eis
Unser Leben stellt eine Fessel darf
Am Ende schließt sich der Kreis

When i slowly slip away
Into the peaceful darkness of nothing
There will be nothing left
Track Name: Famine
Born blank
delicate beings we are
We seek for passion
and warmth from our own kind
Respectful lives
and strength from inside

But what went wrong?

Astray from path
corrupted by ourselves
We nourish off flaws
a viscious spiral turns
An upswing of ego
draws these fatal lines

We are sinking

Born blank
delicate beings we are
We seek for passion
and warmth from our own kind
Respectful lives
and strength from inside

Track Name: Sacred Hell
Present day in the place of burning pain
the firelord lays himself to rest
Sitting on his throne, overlooking his realm
Not knowing whats about to infest
The holy ghost arrived from up above
making sure that now one's in sight
Betraying his script of perversion
Satan himself gets fucked from behind

Sacred hell

Trusted men step to up the altars
concealing this ever took place
Taking the bruden from the masses
and pissing 'em right in the face
Cursing all unholy souls
and watching the believers die
Babtising infants in puke
as the priest rapes another child

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