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Into The Void

by Moribund Scum

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Faint 02:12
Away 04:07
What is it that holds me here? Whats the sense in waking up? Comfortable rationality Morning-siren cruelty Flee Hide Utopian dreams Every night I want to run, i'd like to leave Barriers keep me fixed in place Rational dicussion on my own I dont want to leave this place alone I'm walking through a field A paradise on earth The concrete is painted green Paradise is a dream
A must-have this day and age, is a place where one belongs Loners are of pitiful nature, moribund one by one We're the ones who know what's best for the mind for the land Restrictions ain't to bother you, just dont bite the feeding hand Trust in us or bite the dust 5 year plan join the cult To live is to perform, to complain is to fail Your desires on your personal needs are running cold and stale We'd never be where we are now with cowards like your kind "Diversity" is just a fancy word of selling out your spine Born for nothing, live for less - swimming in a pond of shit Smothered by fairytales of the devil's evil plan We're ought to act our part and drive ourselves insane What's the point in setting fire if your the one to blame?
We are fighting for words - whose meaning we don´t know We are fighting for a world - without a haze of knowing how No one is fighting - everything is just a show As long as the knuckle-belt shines - the show must go on Everything is turning in our fucked up existance Nothing is moving no empathy at all Masses growling for demented amusment Senseless entertainment for artificial laughter The glass may be dirty but still i can see That we are nothing but a worthless Mirror of society Dreaded ideas as empty as our brains Dreams boozed away Our dogma so called scene puts us in chains
Numbness strikes covered in bottled apathy Silence aches like flesh cut to the bone Wrapped in sorrow scar tissue in my mind Morbid thoughts of brining myself to fall And i keep on falling into the void Lost the will to fight this wretched place One moment of hope A glance of better times All walls cave in Vision turn pitch black One last breathe and off into the void
Compulsion 06:54
Go, et in that dress that doesnt fit you look pretty And if the seams begin to rip we’ll sow that dress right onto your fucking skin You have no , no chance to cross The line is clear, clear as the rules A street without crossroads A one way ticket to misery Man, dont show mercy dont be weak strong and straight until you die And if you dare and start to cry man or mouse we’ll have an eye on you
Wundgelebt 04:10
Ein Berg aus Platten aufgebaut Gedanken eingemauert Die Wiesen aus Asphalt die ohne Leben bedauern Angst Hass Verzweiflung Doch der Puls schlägt noch Panik Wut Elend Doch die Frisur sitzt Bäume stehen in Reihe alle durchnummeriert Jeder Vogel der zwitschert ist sicherlich irgendwo eingesperrt
Binary 07:34
Beaten into a scheme and ensured to be kept in it Centuries of persecution havent missed their goal A static state of abhorrence fills the rotten minds Seemingly open-minded but dead behind the eyes A sickening form of coursion fills the air Heterosexual dogmas everywhere Degradation is at its boiling point Another chapter in mankind's crippled mind Who are you to judge whats wrong or whats right This fucking wheel of ignorance feeds nothing but black and white When did you decide to be proud of what aint your choice Seek shelter in saint phobia and let god role the dice Judging others by the skin Diversity - the devil within Fanatic lack of tolerance No fucking difference What will it take to end this fucking imbecility


released January 23, 2016

Ros - Guitar/Vocals
Monsing - Bass
Felix - Guitar
Jako - Drums (on this album)
All songs written by Moribund Scum
Recorded and mixed by Pierre Somville.
Mastered by Role @ "Die Tonmeisterei" Oldenburg
Artwork by Simon Chognot/Cold Mind:

Released on LP in summer 2016 via:
Neanderthal-Stench Records (BEL)
Pandora Records (GER)
Deviance Records (FR)
Nuclear Chaos Records (IT)
Bomb-All Records (GER)
Totalpunk Records (RUS)

For Booking and other questions contact us via moribundscum@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Moribund Scum Brunswick, Germany

Moribund Scum is:
Rosi - Guitar/Vocals
Monsing - Bass
Felix - Guitar
Cody - Drums
Floyd - Janitor
Sophie - Special Eff.
Former Members:
Pierro - Drums (2010-2013)
Jako (2013-2015)

If you any racist, sexist, antisemitic or homophobic tendencies, go fuck yourself! Thanks!
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