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„Not a care in the world” doesn‘t do it justice We‘re all circumcised to a certain extent Yet boundaries are built against those less fortunate This societal flu brings humanness to an end The hatred keeps boiling The bastards keep moaning Where is the empathy? Get a fucking grip Now lay your worried head to sleep This scapegoat hunt has worn you down Envy keeps your spirits on track An army of lawndwarves will watch your back
Dazed up to the guts to wipe out the anxiety A lifestyle bound to sink myself yet no insight to be found So fill the glass up to the top with endorphins and doubt Next days awkward pity proves the pendulum always wins Riding the filth train
Concrete, liquor, radiation to keep us warm Fences, weapons, insurance to keep us safe Religion, kittens, consumption to keep us merry Now we‘re warm safe and merry till death I‘ve been waiting and lurking all this time I will no longer refuse what is mine Your ruins shall be green Your oceans shall be clean now I am the nature
A familiar dread pounds at my door The crawling nightmare has come back home A million legs all eyes on me I‘m petrified and scared to tears This flaw I shall hide keep the master inside Unwanted deeds loop into routine This body I own no longer responds The more I resist the less I succeed The certainty remains that tomorrow is today Outwardly fake keeps the master awake
Beyond retrieval, alone in a cell Declared to be evil, waiting for hell Russian roulette and hypothermia Total darkness gives rise to the fear Water boarding, withdrawal of food Confinement boxes, detainees are nude 180 hours standing sleep deprivation Series of near drownings and mock assassinations Outsourcing torture - stabilizing order Outsourcing torture - a hidden misery Outsourcing torture - stabilizing order Outsourcing torture - the regime‘s way to be Rewarding the beasts with legal protection Securing the votes for coming elections Atrocious suffering, no results or information Violating human rights for the sake of your nation The power to punish - The right to do harm Torture versus terror - Uncovered atrocities The CIA brings death and decay
Maintained by everyday practice Judgements are put into effect In adopting victims‘ positions The constitutive other denotes the different Does the need of unity not allow individualized views? I won‘t be gentle that night Standards should burn Rage against the dying of my light From awareness to action Fetishized by hegemonic subjects Accruing personal values Divergent from that which is given Does the need of unity not allow individualized views? Fuck your standards! Get rid of golden standards Fuck your exclusion Solidarity shouldn‘t be illusion
No - Way - No Way Policy NATO‘s playing Battleships with EU and UN No Veto means democracy - who‘s going to win? Canberra keeps silent - only a few bodies are found No one may ever estimate how many people drowned No - Way - No Way Policy Stopping boats as a success - whitewashing the cruelty Military state secret - in this rigid policy But no one knows how many souls are trying to arrive Nobody knows how many people die Pathetic speeches do not help when policy brings death This world‘s ethics drowned in ocean‘s depths
Decomposing bodies in the basement Trivialized conflicts serve as foundation Struggling for power, insisting on possessions Step with me into the house of violence Man-Machine-Dialogues on the ground floor Asking for the matter of force Account for your route Welcome to the house of violence One step closer to the attic Constantly craving to the next floor There‘s no way backwards Social failure activates the elevator Forced up to the first floor Attacks on all hands, increasing the pressure Better is the enemy of good Resorting to violence UP! UP! UP! Social failure activates the elevator In the house of violence
Sleepwalkers‘ echoes seeking solace This world has come to an end Step by step becoming aweless While we scend Using the last of our strength To ascend the scaffold Aware that it‘s too late Desperately making this final effort Former dreams reduced to dust Utterly destroyed we accept the defeat Forgotten names, no complaints Only Hell‘s unbearable heat Forsaken Yielding to despair Embracing death We end the agony Drawing our last breath Walking out of their rusty cages The unknown of this world Brace themselves for dark ages The sails are furled Viciously smiling Is this perishing world Mischievously answer The newly empowered derelicts
My army killed your mother Your army killed my son How long will we go on like this? ‘Till one of us won? My world is facing fear While Doomsday‘s coming near Your world is feared as well We‘re both living in hell If war is my destiny I‘d rather be, I‘d rather be Reality Our worlds are framed by walls Until the regime falls Our earth is shaked by bombs Whom ever the land belongs Our lives are full of war Years ago we used to live the next door


In 2011, Moribund Scum and Exilent shared the stage for the first time.
Many more shows followed, and we kept organizing events together
or for each other and still remember many evenings of deep and less
deep conversations, full of fun and jokes, as well as situations of
mutual support in difficult times. What started on musical grounds
became a close network of friends. This would not have happened
without the dedication of many more people than just ourselves.
At this place, we would like to say thanks to all people, projects and
crews who set us up, cooked and took care for us and all bands we
shared the stage with.
Thanks to Hütte, Falk and Role for recording and mastering, and to
all the labels and distros for the support and for making this release
Thanks to everybody who supported us over the last years,
especially to the Crews of Nexus and Klaue, to Wörn, Anja, Torben,
Floyd, Sophie, Smolle, Nicolas, Daniel, Goldi, Jako and Pierre, to
Mitschke and Grimnex, to Lonski, Hobbel, Paul, Lisa, the Bremen Punx
and the Friese, to Tammo and the Alhambra Crew, to Ina, Mike and the
JuZI Göttingen, to Bäppi, Klappstuhl and Nidhal, to Swana, Olli and
the AJZ Wuppertal Crew, to Dennis, Robbie, Daniel and the
Kastanienkeller, to Derelyction and the AK 44, to Kackschlacht,
Dueker, Hässelhoff, Call The Cops, Distress, Nocturnal Scum and
Auweia, to Aaarghfuckkill and the Lobusch Crew, to Trigger and the
Killed System Crew, to the oneeyedpunx and the Cyclopen, to Vicious
Irene, Johan, the Gothenburg Punx and the 128A, to Jedras and the
Rozbrat Squat, to the Stumpf and the Baracke, to Stiv and Victims of
War, to Lukas and Matthäus from Outside Fest, to Linas and the XI20,
to the La Jungla Crew, to Andreas, Oskar and Crutches, to the
Ungdomshuset, to Terry and the Bambara Crew, to Jossun and the
Hygget Crew, to Niklas from Arvika and to Onkiniemi and the
amazing Tampere family collective. Thanks to Teona, Gargarin and
Marianna, Fruszi, Gabor, Jasmina, Pavlina and Slavek, Bulli, Törtchen
and Enki, David von N. and the Hannover Punx (R.I.P Lutz).
Thank you for caring and organizing, for making us laugh, for
becoming and being friends.
You are awesome.

In remembrance of Paul.

Ros: Guitar/Vocals, Monsing: Bass, Cody: Drums, Felix: Guitar

Ini: Vocals, Nico: Guitar, Lisa: Guitar, Matze: Bass, Trecker: Drums

Moribund Scum recorded and mixed by Hütte (sinistre@riseup.net)
Exilent recorded and mixed by Falk / Tonmeisterei Oldenburg
Both mastered by Role / Tonmeisterei Oldenburg
Artwork by Anja Apatheia (anjaapatheia.tumblr.com)
Photography by Teona
Artwork arranged by Wörn

Exilent: exilent.bandcamp.com // exilentdispunk@gmx.de

For Booking and other questions contact us via moribundscum@gmail.com

Released on January 19th 2018 via:
Break The Silence Records (GER)
Eskaramuza Distro (CHL)
Up The Punx Records (PL)
Heavy Metal Vomit Party (SK)
Potato Records (BLR)
Dis-Sröt Records (CZ)
Halvfabrikat Records (SWE)
Fallen Crow Records (GER)
Missing The Point Distro (UK)
Deviance Records (FR)
Nuclear Chaos Records (IT)
Bomb-All Records (GER)
Totalpunk Records (RUS)
United By Chaos Records (FIN)
Distro Rakkos (JPN)


released January 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Moribund Scum Brunswick, Germany

Moribund Scum is:
Rosi - Guitar/Vocals
Monsing - Bass
Felix - Guitar
Cody - Drums
Floyd - Janitor
Sophie - Special Eff.
Former Members:
Pierro - Drums (2010-2013)
Jako (2013-2015)

If you any racist, sexist, antisemitic or homophobic tendencies, go fuck yourself! Thanks!
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